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NYC Permanent Makeup Procedures


New York City Permanent Makeup Procedures
New York City permanent eye makeup specialist, Sharon Grasso offers licensed micropigmentation of the face and body in several upscale salons throughout the city! Owned by Sharon, a skilled dermatician, Permanent Touch is one of New York City's premier mobile micropigmentation services!

Micropigmentation - Now Available to You!

Once known a rare, and mostly an inaccessible luxury, micropigmentation is now a popular cosmetic treatment among women from all backgrounds. In New York City, micropigmentation is performed by Sharon for facial and body areas where makeup is most commonly applied. These include:

Permanent eye makeup: New York City's Permanent Touch has three options for eye application: brow enhancement, lash enhancement, and eyelid enhancement.

Skin pigment treatment: Unwanted facial scars can be effectively treated with micropigmentation. Sharon also offers post-surgical areola pigmentation.

Permanent lip makeup: New York City clients are treated to a wide range of custom lip shades, with Sharon's expert advice on color choices at their disposal.

You can see examples of Sharon's permanent makeup techniques in her before and after photos!

With years of experience in the cosmetic surgery industry, Sharon understands the importance of an initial visit. This appointment allows you the time to discuss the details of procedures you may be considering, and to ask any questions regarding micropigmentation. She offers a free consultation!

Sharon would love to help you accentuate your features with a Permanent Touch! You can reach her at (917) 734-7378, or by filling out her online contact form.