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NYC Permanent Lip Makeup

New York City Permanent Lip Makeup

In New York City, permanent lip makeup is performed with expertise by licensed medical micropigmentation artist Sharon Grasso. Permanent Touch, Sharon's cosmetic company that serves high-end Manhattan salons, places your lips on center stage!

The Kiss of Confidence

Lipstick has been a staple in the cosmetic bags of women for countless generations. However, lip products are known to smudge and disappear with time - some sooner than others! Therefore, permanent lip makeup applied by a New York City micropigmentation specialist can be a great solution for women who are ready to put an end to the inconveniences of lipstick!
Advantages to choosing Sharon as a dermatician include:

A wide variety of custom lip shades to choose from
A finish that will appear as natural as your former lipstick
Realistic advice on shade choices from an experienced professional

Sharon's before and after photos reveal a whole new look with additional permanent makeup choices!

Because skilled micropigmentation is a medical procedure, an initial visit to discuss further details is advisable. With 12 years in cosmetic surgery business management, Sharon is fully qualified to inform you on all aspects of your procedure.

Permanent lip makeup in New York City with the Manhattan, micropigmentation services of Permanent Touch is an excellent way to maintain beautiful lip application. Call Sharon to schedule a free consultation today!

Ask Sharon how your lips can be accentuated permanently! Call the Permanent Touch office at (917) 734-7378, or fill out an online contact form, to schedule your appointment!