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NYC Permanent Eye Makeup

New York City Permanent Eye Makeup

In New York City, permanent eye makeup is performed expertly by Sharon Grasso, a licensed medical micropigmentation specialist. With Permanent Touch, Sharon's mobile micropigmentation in Manhattan salons, your eyes can be artfully accentuated - permanently!

Open your Eyes to the Options

Sharon offers several options for permanent eye enhancement. Using micropigmentation tools, she can provide you with the following treatments:


        Taking your desired shape into consideration, Sharon can make your brows appear fuller and
        more shapely!

Lash enhancement:

        With a touch of color drawn between the lashes, eyeliner frustrations can be a thing of the past!

Line enhancement:

        For ultimate definition, many women add line enhancement to complete the look!

In New York City micropigmentation is available for any part of the face by Permanent Touch. Sharon invites you to view beautiful results in her before and after photo gallery!

Sharon's years of experience in cosmetic surgery business management and micropigmentation qualify her as a leader in permanent eye makeup. As a skilled Manhattan dermatician, she feels that an initial visit to discuss the details of micropigmentation is an ideal way for you to proceed.

Your New York City permanent eye makeup procedure can be achieved with spectacular results from Sharon. Schedule your free consultation with Permanent Touch today!

Let Sharon permanently enhance your eyes! Please call Permanent Touch at (917) 734-7378, or fill out an online contact form, to schedule your appointment!