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New York City Micropigmentation

New York City micropigmentation specialist Sharon Grasso, a licensed medical micropigmentation artist and educator for permanent makeup at Long Island Nail and Skin Care Institute, offers permanent makeup application for the face and body. Permanent Touch, her mobile dermatician service in upscale salons across New York City, provides you with the ultimate in convenient, professional service!

What is micropigmentation?

Medical micropigmentation involves tattooing designs that naturally resemble manually applied makeup. It is known to be a potential solution for women who:

Have makeup allergies
Have impaired vision
Suffer from tremors
Have mild facial scarring

In New York City permanent makeup may also help those who:

Are faced with morning time constraints
Are frustrated with "melting" makeup in hot weather or during exercise
Have difficulty mastering the look they want every time makeup is applied
Want to add fullness to the lips or brows

With 12 years in cosmetic surgery business management, in addition to her Manhattan, micropigmentation experience, Sharon offers you a distinct advantage over other salon-based permanent makeup artists. Her background assures that she is skilled in the medical aspects of micropigmentation procedures. A unique micropigmentation service, post-surgical areola pigmentation, is offered by Sharon as well.

Sharon offers procedures for the brows, eyelids, and lips, as well as minor skin pigment treatment. Her before and after photos may provide you with inspiration!

As a New York City micropigmentation specialist, Sharon understands that you might have questions regarding permanent makeup before deciding to proceed. She offers a free consultation to discuss the details of the procedures you are interested in. Call Permanent Touch to schedule your appointment today!

Ask Sharon to accentuate what you already have - permanently! Fill out her online contact form to express your interest, or call her at the office Toll Free at (917) 734-7378 to schedule your appointment!