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The newest technology in SKIN TIGHTENING!

-hair removal
-photo rejuvenation, treats wrinkles, large pores, broken capillaries
-sun damage, freckles, age spots
-acne treatments

Sharon Grasso

A licensed micropigmentation artist, licensed aesthetician and educator for permanent makeup.

Under the medical direction of
Dr Stephen T. Greenberg

Cosmetic Surgery Center

Before and After Lips.
Permanent Touch Lips

Before and After Eyebrows.
Permanent Touch Eyebrows

Before and After Eyebrows.
Permanent Touch Eyebrows


Permanent Touch

“Wake up with makeup!”

Debbee MayThe bottom line is

"Sharon is truly an artist"

As a producer for Playboy
I am very selective on who I choose to work
on my face and body as well as the professionals I send my Playboy
models to. Sharon is always my choice for skincare and permanent
make-up. All my models who have been treated by Sharon are so happy
to wake up looking like the Playboy Model they are in the magazine. I couldn't
recommend anybody higher.
Please check out our website and we'll take those sexy pictures you always
dreamed of. Let us bring out the beauty in you. Dazzle him for the holidays.

permanent Cosmetics" I trust my face and body to the hands of Sharon Grasso.

I cannot believe how great my skin looks!

Jill Nicolini

" I want to thank Sharon Grasso for making me feel beautiful and confident every morning! For over 12 years I have been working on camera in the television business starting with News 12 Long Island, the NY Islanders, PIX-11 Morning News and now I am the Entertainment Reporter on FOX 5 News here in New York City. In this business you wake up anywhere from 2-4am and believe me it's not easy.

Part of my job is to look good and presentable, but these early hours sure do take a toll on my body. And when it's your job to interview celebrities, you can't help but notice how beautiful they always look and wonder what is their secret? Well the truth is it's not just their genetics! It is their team of aesthetician's, make-up artists, hair stylists and trainers who help them look their best!

Sharon is just the person who can help! From Permanent makeup to skin care she can do it all. Please feel free to reach out to me directly for a referral, I would be more than happy to speak to you all.

I really do love you Sharon!
I CANT BELIEVE the results! "


JWOWW SAYS: "Permanent makeup let's you feel pretty and confident - no worries that the morning after, your guy will see you all pale and plucked and think, "That's nasty!" I don't care if you're Miss America, no girl is naturally stunning at 6 A.M.

I go to Sharon Grasso (www.permanenttouchcosmetics.com) and she does everything from complete eyebrow replacements, permanent eyeliner or lip liner, to scar correction after breast lifts or augmentations. I also love that I can now jump in the pool or the ocean and my makeup isn't running off my face. It's fairly painless (like tattooing makeup on your face) and worth every penny."

Medical Micropigmentation, or permanent makeup, utilizes tattoos to produce designs that strikingly resemble manually applied makeup! With 12 years in cosmetic surgery business management, Sharon Grasso is a licensed medical micropigmentation artist as well as a licensed aesthetician and member of The American Academy of Micropigmentation. Sharon is an educator for permanent make-up as well.
Sharon believes that when you entrust your permanent makeup application to her, you have a distinct advantage over a woman who receives her treatment at the salon. Skilled micropigmentation is a medical procedure; therefore, for optimal safety, the ideal setting is in the office of a medical professional, like that of Sharon.
In this day and age, some of us don't have the time nor the desire to undergo a major surgical procedure. We offer other procedures that can help you achieve a healthy, more youthful appearance without the pain, risks or downtime associated with surgery. These procedures are safe, quick, and affordable. Click here to learn how.

Call the office at (917) 734-7378

Before and After areola repair.
Permanent Touch Areola Repair

Procedures Procedures for Men

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Scar Revision

Permanent makeup can be a solution for women who:
Have makeup allergies
Have impaired vision
Suffer from tremors
Have mild facial scarring

These challenges shouldn’t hinder you from looking and feeling your best!

Permanent makeup can also be helpful to those who:
Have limited time for makeup application
Are frustrated with “melting” makeup at the gym, beach or pool
Have difficulty mastering the look they want every time they apply makeup
Are unhappy with the lack of fullness in their brows or lips

Sharon offers procedures for the brows, eyelids and lips, as well as minor skin pigment treatment. Let her accentuate what you already have – permanently!

permanent touch cosmetics
At the office of Sharon, permanent makeup is available for nearly any part of the face or body where you already apply makeup! Sharon Grasso offers medical micropigmentation for the following:

Your brows can appear fuller and shapelier with this permanent brow application. Sharon, with brows as her specialty, gladly takes your desired brow shape into consideration before proceeding. If you have thin brows, consider them a thing of the past!

Permanent eye makeup is great for those who prefer to add enhancement and definition to their eyelids on a daily basis. Why bother to apply eyeliner, when you can enjoy a defined look all the time! Your options include: lash enhancement (a thin line along the lashes) and line enhancement (available in several shades).
With permanent lip application, Sharon offers custom shades for your lips! Your permanent lip color will appear as natural as the lipstick you once wore, without the worry of smudging or disappearing! As a dermatician, Sharon is an expert in realistically advising patients on shade choices while considering their personal preferences.

Skin pigment treatment
Sharon understands that unwanted facial scars may give way to emotional scars. Therefore, a wide range of shades are available for skin pigment. Our medical micropigmentation specialist also offers treatment for post-surgical areola pigmentation.

Prospective patients of Sharon may wish to receive micropigmentation while undergoing their surgical procedure. Learn how you can, “Wake up with makeup!”

Additionally, Sharon offers patients a free touch-up with every procedure!

After years of experience in cosmetic surgery business management, Sharon believes that the best way to establish a relationship is with a one-on-one meeting. The details of your procedure will be thoroughly addressed prior to beginning.

Services are offered in upscale salons as well as in the office.

Call the office at (917) 734-7378 to schedule a free consultation today!

New York City micropigmentation specialist Sharon Grasso offers Manhattan's permanent makeup clientele her mobile
dermatician service, Permanent Touch. In Manhattan, micropigmentation procedures that are popular with her New York City
clients include permanent eye makeup, permanent lip makeup, and skin pigment. Call Sharon to request a free consultation
regarding her New York City permanent makeup services!